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European language day

10th European Day of Languages: Let’s celebrate it!


September 26th was a day dedicated to European languages. The initiative was launched in 2001 to meet the growing need to raise awareness about the importance of European languages.


The Council of Europe has developed a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) which is a standards-based assessment of language skills. Based on this framework, the European Commission is conducting a first European survey on language skills of pupils in secondary schools throughout Europe, the outcome of which will be presented in 2012

 Why all this?

European authorities are responding to a need arising from our changing world, in order to offer a greater mobility to the citizens. Languages ​​are therefore the starting point to expand our horizons, to open the windows to opportunities.

Enhancing language teaching at all levels is what we and our children exactly need. Luxembourg is a terrific example of this.

The European Day of Languages reminds us of the importance of this communication and integration instrument. Languages ​​are the key for interculturalism, but they represent as well the awareness of our cultural and linguistic heritage.

For this reason, the Council of Europe has also drafted the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages , which reminds us of the 40 million Europeans who regularly use a regional or minority language .

What is with "regional or minority languages" meant ?

They are languages which are handed down from one generation to another, representing the traditions of a community numerically smaller than the rest of the population living in the same territory. But it is also about languages ​​other than the official language(s) ​​of the Country, dialects of the official languages excluded.

Only in Italy there have been recognized as many as 12! 

Which foreign language at school?

On the occasion of European Day of Languages, Eurostat published a study referring statistics about the most studied foreign languages in Europe.  

English as a Second Language clearly prevails, especially in high schools throughout Europe. In Italy it reaches a rate of 99% in primary and lower secondary schools. This is followed by French and German.

Just a curiosity: Italian is the second foreign language studied in Malta and, albeit for a remaining 2% versus 98% of English, in Austria!










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